Tired of running on the treadmill?
Want to lose the post-pregnancy baby fat?
Not sure how to get back into shape?
Jumpstart your life today!

  • 8 Workouts

  • Program Guide

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Cookbook

  • Body Breakthrough APP

  • No Weights Required

Ready for your workout?

There are tons of commercials that would lead you to believe you can sit on the couch all day, exercise for only 5 minutes, and get results like a Hollywood star. The truth of the matter is; it’s not going to happen. Results are earned with sweat, commitment, and determination.

Welcome to your 30 Day: Jumpstart. We’re dispelling the notion that people aren’t willing to work hard for a longer, healthier life. We’re challenging people to get back on their feet. We’ll show you the truth behind how Hollywood stars get into shape.

Seize the moment. Electrify your life. Sweat like never before, and get that sexy, toned look you’ve always wanted.

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