No tricks
No giant equipment
No more starvation diets
No more weight loss pills
No more excuses!
Determination is all you need

  • 17 Workouts

  • Program Guide

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Cookbook

  • Body Breakthrough Resistance Band

  • Body Breakthrough APP

Ready to embark on your journey?

Join the fitness revolution that is the 90 Day: Full Throttle, the first lifestyle product in Asia that eliminates all workout excuses by making it fun, easy to learn, and gives incredible results. We provide everything you need to take control of your life and define how you want to look and feel. Let Team Breakthrough guide you every step of the way, and we’ll show you the blueprint for the fastest and most efficient way to get in shape.

Celebrity trainer Hulk pushes the pace with his trademark intensity to keep you engaged throughout 17 killer workouts. We’ve sequenced the very best fitness techniques and explained them in a simple, effective manner for people of all fitness levels to understand. New to fitness? No problem. Exercises come with tips and modifications to adjust difficulty as needed. Pressed for time? All workouts clock in under an hour, and we’ve even added in a few bonus exercises for those looking to elevate their game.

Trainers out there are going to kill us once they find out we’re teaching the secrets on how to achieve over a year’s worth of results in less than 90 days. You won’t even recognize your body anymore after we’re done with you as you ascend to superhero status.

90 Day:Full Throttle
Starter Deluxe Ultimate
Breakthrough TV (1 year)
Body Breakthrough APP
Program Guide
Nutrition Guide
Body Breakthrough Resistance Band with Door Attachment
Body BT Mat
Body BT Pushup Bars
Body BT Pull-Up Bar
Body BT Roller
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